Wooden Pallets

Irrespective of the kind of industry you are in, we can configure a suitable pallet to suit your warehousing and shipping needs.

Besides wooden pallets, we also offer plastic pallets which are highly durable and provides better hygiene considerations.

Prices of pallets, whether wooden or plastic, vary according to the type, unit load requirement, design and strength as well as material used.

As a palletizing professional, we are in the best position to advise and supply you with the most cost-effective pallets to fit your material handling, transportation and storage needs.

In tailoring pallets to the specific and individual warehousing and shipment requirements of our customers, we employ NWPCA’s Pallet Design System (PDS), a computer-aided design software program, to design the most ideal pallets for them.

Type of Wooden Pallets

Stringer-Class, 2 Way Stringer-Class, Partial 4 way Stringer-Class, Single Face
Block-Class, Full 4 way Block-Class, perimeter base Stringer-Class, Single Wing

Common Wooden Pallet for Export

The common pallet size is our most requested size, but we do manufacture several different pallet dimensions depending on customers needs

Block Class, 4 Way Stringer Class, Partial 4 Way/ 2 way

Size : 800mm x 1200mm (31.5" x 47.2")
EURO Pallet Design.

Size : 1100 mm x 1100 mm ( 43" x 43")
Commonly used in Asia (Japan, Korea).

Size : 1000mm x 1200mm (39.37" x 47.2")
Commonly used in world wide.

Size : 1220 mm x 1016mm (48" x 40")
Commonly used in North America.

Common Wooden Pallets for warehouse application

Stringer Class, 2

Size : 48" x 48" (4' x 4')

Size : 48" x 60" (4' x 5')

Size : 48" x 72" (4' x 6')

Plywood Pallet

Block class 4 Way Stringer Class 2 way